Two Minute Teacher - Efficiently Preparing Sudents for Their Biggest Test


As a math teacher I have privately tutored kids toward success on ACT tests for years with success. When my daughter reached national merit scholar finalist, I realized that the math prep sheets my daughter had helped me create throughout the years had paid off in massive scholarship offers for her. We want to help others with high performing students achieve this huge advantage.

The PSAT class we are offering on the four Wednesday nights in September from 6-8 pm is a unique opportunity to get 8 hours of help from two highly in-demand tutors who would charge over $1,000 for that many hours of individual tutoring. The cost is only $250. ($225 for Minnetonka high school students.)

Our goal is simple: help more kids become commended or national merit semi finalists by helping them prepare to rock the one big entrance test (PSAT/NMSQT) in October of their Junior year.

For the 90 minutes of tutoring:

I have many valuable resources I share with my threes that help build their skills between sessions. Sessions will be held at a time that works for both David Surver, as the tutor, and the customer as tutee. You can coordinate with me through Sessions usually take place at the 7Hi location of Caribou Coffee. If you give me enough advance warning we can often book the private room and I will pay for that as long as their rate remains reasonable. Session will expire 12 months from purchase.


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