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Welcome Minnetonka Students

Going in, I was getting 28-30 composite score and 27 on science.  Afterwards, I got a 35 composite and 35 on science and math!  Overall, after working with Mr. Surver I felt more comfortable and confident in my test-taking abilities.


“I wanted to give a shout out for my son Andrew who took your class in June… Just got the results back, he went from a 24 last September to a 32 this September...He did work really hard studying… 

Thanks, Sandy.”

Mr Surver-

"I took the ACT prep class that you taught in June (2018) and I just got my scores back from the July ACT. I wanted to thank you and Mrs. Hitchcock for helping me improve my score drastically.

My composite score increased from 27 to 33."


"Mr. Surver's PSAT prep class both motivated me to put in the work to improve my score and placed me in a positive environment with other serious, driven students. The teachers' experience and test strategies combined with these other factors helped me become a projected national merit scholar semifinalist, and I can't even put a price on that. I would recommend the class to any student who's serious about improving their score and looking for help."


"Hit Your Target" ACT Prep Class at MHS

Summer Course: Goal ACT 28-36

This is a high-speed course developed specifically for students who already have a basic understanding of the material on the ACT, but need extensive strategy advice to get that leg up for selective colleges or competitive scholarships.  In this score range, each ACT point gives students a significant advantage over others applicants.  This class will be focusing on test strategy and learning those extra few math, English, and science skills that can move them from a good ACT score to a great one.  Some items that will be covered include: diagnostic tests, testing strategies, how to properly study on your own, confidence building, timed exercises, how to do specific types of problems on the ACT, recorded videos in case the student misses class, practice problems done in class, take-home practice, and what to do on the day before and the day of the ACT.

We also offer a version for students who would like to take the class through online videos and a prep book at their own pace.

10am-Noon at The Forum - MHS
June 17-20 and June 24-27

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Targeted Tutoring

Individual One on One Tutoring for the ACT- $500 for three, 1 Hour sessions - Click Here.
Scheduled at a date and time that is mutually agreed upon.

Work with David Surver himself on the math and science portion of the ACT.  Nothing beats one on one attention for focusing in on individual needs.  David is a nationally board certified teacher who has tutored hundreds of hours prepping kids for the ACT test.  He won the Minnetonka Teacher of the year in 2014 and competed for Minnesota teacher of the year.  His passion for teaching shows through and kids grow quickly under his care.  One student from the class of 2018 improved from a 28 to a 34 using Mr. Surver for his Math and Science tutoring.