Benefits of our PSAT Prep Class!

PSAT is the only test that can reward you with massive national merit scholarships

Course taught by excellent instructors experienced with both teaching classes and private tutoring

This class gets you ready for the PSAT AND almost all of the learning carries over to the ACT as well

Free shipping in the continental US

National merit finalists typically have full ride offers from over 50 schools in the US

Proven track record of kids using this class, leading to MHS setting a record with 31 NM finalists

8 hours of live classes include both strategy and math and English skill building

Dates - September 13th, 22nd, 29th, October 6th, 2021 from 6-8 PM (CST)

Comments from Class Participants

When our son took the ACT for the first time and scored a 17, we knew he had his work cut out for him. Working with Dave, he was able to raise his score to a 20 the next time he took the test. He continued doing tutoring with Dave, and by the third time he took the test, he achieved his goal of a 23. This is a fantastic result, but what's even better is that Dave's tutoring went beyond the ACT. Our son says that Dave helped him learn the skills necessary to be a better test taker in general. That will serve him well during the rest of high school and beyond. Thank you, Dave! Now, it's on to looking at colleges! -- LT

Comments from Class Participants

The ACT prep was incredibly useful, and many if not all of the tricks we learned appeared on the actual test. The most helpful part is that I came into the exam more confident in my abilities and didn’t fear taking it. The lessons definitely impacted my score and allowed me to get a 33.

Thanks for the help,


Comments from Class Participants


Thank you so much for the constant support in my quest to better my ACT score through you after school class. Because of your class my standing score was a 22 and it jumped to a 27 after taking your class. I always knew I could come in early to ask for support, email you about any question and you would have the answer or find it for me.

Sincerly, ML

Comments from Class Participants

Hi Mr. Surver,
I took your ACT class over the summer, and I just wanted to thank the whole Two Minute Teacher team for how helpful it was. My score improved four points from a 28 to a 32!


Comments from Class Participants

After our daughter took Pre-Calculus with Mr. Surver at MHS, we jumped at a chance for her to take a PSAT preparation class through the high school with Mr. Surver teaching the math portion. That preparation helped boost our daughter's PSAT score into the National Merit Commended range! When it was time to take the ACT, we booked a few one-on-one tutoring sessions with Mr. Surver - she scored a 36 on the ACT! We can't thank Mr. Surver enough for the way his coaching, support, and instruction gave our daughter the tools to show her strengths on the PSAT and ACT tests.

Thanks, Parent of MHS Student, Class of 2020

Comments from Class Participants

Iowa State University (ISU) offers three levels of automatic merit scholarships to incoming freshmen from Minnesota. To qualify for the max $32,000 award, my son needed a 28 on his ACT. Over the course of 18 months, he took in-person and online ACT-prep courses, read ACT-prep books and did numerous practice tests, but kept getting 26s on his ACT exams. After attempting to get a score of 28 four times, my son was just about ready to give up. Then, he watched David Surver's Two Minute Teacher ACT Course before taking his fifth ACT exam. To our delight, he finally got a 28 on his ACT and the max award from ISU! We highly recommend David Surver's course for anyone preparing to take the ACT exam for the first — or fifth — time!

~ Proud Minnetonka High School Parent

Comments from Class Participants

Going in, I was getting 28-30 composite score and 27 on science.  Afterwards, I got a 35 composite and 35 on science and math!  Overall, after working with Mr. Surver I felt more comfortable and confident in my test-taking abilities.


Comments from Class Participants

“I wanted to give a shout out for my son Andrew who took your class in June… Just got the results back, he went from a 24 last September to a 32 this September...He did work really hard studying…

Thanks, Sandy.”

Comments from Class Participants

Mr Surver-

"I took the ACT prep class that you taught in June (2018) and I just got my scores back from the July ACT. I wanted to thank you and Mrs. Hitchcock for helping me improve my score drastically.

My composite score increased from 27 to 33."


Comments from Class Participants

"Mr. Surver's PSAT prep class both motivated me to put in the work to improve my score and placed me in a positive environment with other serious, driven students. The teachers' experience and test strategies combined with these other factors helped me become a projected national merit scholar semifinalist, and I can't even put a price on that. I would recommend the class to any student who's serious about improving their score and looking for help."


Comments from Participants

I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Two Minute Teacher based on our son’s experience. The initial draw to Two Minute Teacher for us was practical - they offered a great value for what they provide. We liked the idea that much of the strategy, logistics, and practice test part of preparing for the ACT could be done in a more pocket book friendly group class. The benefit of having a class taught by beloved and experienced high school teachers can not be overstated. The ability to complement the group course with individual tutoring specific to our son’s needs was an excellent option. Dave and Krista were incredibly knowledgeable and the sessions were completely personalized to our son. We were impressed that there was zero wasted time or effort and every minute of interaction was specific to helping our son (not just “any generic student”) prepare. The ability to complement the group course with individual tutoring specific to our son’s needs was an excellent option. Dave and Krista were incredibly knowledgeable and the sessions were completely personalized to our son. We were impressed that there was zero wasted time or effort and every minute of interaction was specific to helping our son (not just “any Tutoring was fluid and adjustments made as the session progressed which led to our son getting exactly what he needed to be successful. But, perhaps the thing we are most grateful for and most impressed with is that both of teachers instilled a sense of confidence in our son. He went into the ACT ready, excited, and absolutely believing that he was capable of reaching his goal. It was obvious they believed in him, so he believed in himself as well! Not only did he reach the goal he’d set for himself, he exceeded it by going from a 31 on the Pre-ACT to getting a 35 on the ACT! He is now in a position where he has taken a lot of stress off his plate heading in to junior year. We can not thank Dave and Krista enough for their efforts on our son’s behalf. It’s obvious not only are they excellent at what they do, but they love it and they love the students they work with, too.

In Deepest Gratitude, Stephanie Haaland

Sample 5 Minute Clip from a Class

ACT/PSAT Prep Endorsement


"Mr. Surver's PSAT class helped me be highly successful in my PSAT. His approach to teaching math courses is like no other. He focuses on helping students truly understand the basics, as well as strengthening certain weak points, which will then help with more complex courses or exams in the future. He also helps you create a testing rhythm that is suitable for each student and their strengths. And finally, he is a committed and passionate teacher who simply loves to help his students reach their desired goals."