Two Minute Teacher - Efficiently Preparing Sudents for Their Biggest Test


For the Reach Your Goals and Hit Your Target ACT or PSAT Test Prep Classes:

Students get 16 hours of instruction plus the teacher for the day will stay for 30 minutes after each class to answer individual questions, making it 20 potential hours.

Students will receive a free simple wristwatch suitable for keeping track of time on their practice tests and on the real ACT or PSAT.

Unlike most courses we will work on skills that will help them in college, not just test taking strategy

Students will get a copy of what we feel is the very best ACT or PSAT prep book available with over 700 pages including tips and 3 full practice tests.

David Surver is a Minnetonka teacher, past winner of the Minnetonka teacher of the year and competitor for the Minnesota teacher of the year. He has a masters from St Thomas and is Nationally Board Certified.

Krista Hitchcock is a veteran of both the Edina public schools and a current Minnetonka High School teacher. She runs the writing center- a model program found mostly at the college level. She has a Masters from St Thomas and students say she is engaging and really challenges them to grow.

We are experienced classroom teachers and will keep the kids engaged in lessons and practice the skills we’re teaching with sets of retired actual ACT or PSAT test questions.

We are both experienced, private ACT or PSAT tutors charging over $100/hour for tutoring.

We will give students a unique pin # to give access to hundreds of online practice problems through the included book.

If students miss a day or want extra instructional review we will have videos that we record each class-day available for home study.

We will do a diagnostic test at the beginning to show students some potential areas for personal improvement.

We will give students instruction on calculator tricks that can really help.

We will give students detailed plans on next steps in studying more for the ACT or PSAT.

We will give students a sheet of directions on exactly what to do the day before and day of the ACT or PSAT to get themselves in the best possible state for taking the test.

We will email the parents before, during, and after the course to educate them about the ACT or PSAT and keep them informed about how they can best help their kids be prepared.


For the 90 minutes of tutoring:

I have many valuable resources I share with my threes that help build their skills between sessions. Sessions will be held at a time that works for both David Surver, as the tutor, and the customer as tutee. You can coordinate with me through Sessions usually take place at the 7Hi location of Caribou Coffee. If you give me enough advance warning we can often book the private room and I will pay for that as long as their rate remains reasonable. Session will expire 12 months from purchase.


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