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Two Minute Teacher - Efficiently Preparing Sudents for Their Biggest Test

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I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Two Minute Teacher based on our son’s experience. The initial draw to Two Minute Teacher for us was practical – they offered a great value for what they provide. We liked the idea that much of the strategy, logistics, and practice test part of preparing for the ACT could be done in a more pocket book friendly group class. The benefit of having a class taught by beloved and experienced high school teachers can not be overstated. The ability to complement the group course with individual tutoring specific to our son’s needs was an excellent option. Dave and Krista were incredibly knowledgeable and the sessions were completely personalized to our son. We were impressed that there was zero wasted time or effort and every minute of interaction was specific to helping our son (not just “any generic student”) prepare. Tutoring was fluid and adjustments made as the session progressed which led to our son getting exactly what he needed to be successful. But, perhaps the thing we are most grateful for and most impressed with is that both of teachers instilled a sense of confidence in our son. He went into the ACT ready, excited, and absolutely believing that he was capable of reaching his goal. It was obvious they believed in him, so he believed in himself as well! Not only did he reach the goal he’d set for himself, he exceeded it by going from a 31 on the Pre-ACT to getting a 35 on the ACT! He is now in a position where he has taken a lot of stress off his plate heading in to junior year. We can not thank Dave and Krista enough for their efforts on our son’s behalf. It’s obvious not only are they excellent at what they do, but they love it and they love the students they work with, too.

In Deepest Gratitude, Stephanie Haaland

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