Two Minute Teacher - Efficiently Preparing Sudents for Their Biggest Test

Reach Your Goals: 22+ ACT

Dates in the Spring of 2019 to be determined.



This is a unique course developed for students to focus on the basics of the ACT.  The skills we focus on are the ones that will be found on the majority of the questions of the test.  We will focus less on the topics that might appear on one question and more on the topics that are consistently covered on multiple questions of the ACT.  This way, students can quickly and solidly learn what they need to know to get a great score on the ACT, and build the confidence to put it all out there on the test.  A score of 22+ opens doors at all four-year institutions in the MNSCU system and assists athletes hoping to compete at the D1 or D2 level.  Some items that will be covered include: diagnostic tests, testing strategies, how to properly study on your own, confidence building, timed exercises, which topics are on the ACT, recorded videos in case the student misses class, practice problems completed in class, take-home practice, calculator programs and how to use them, and what to do on the day before and the day of the ACT.

Dates in the Spring of 2019 to be determined.


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