Fall 2020 PSAT – Not Live – Videos and Book Only – Free Shipping in Continental US


Classes ran on Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th, 2020  and Jan 6th, 2021.



Goal PSAT score of 1520 (top one half of 1% nationally)

I developed this course after seeing the tremendous difference it can make to achieve the honor of “National Merit Scholar.” I have two daughters – both of which got very high ACT scores. Both decided to go to the same college – but one scored a little bit better on the PSAT test and got a 4 year full ride scholarship because she got the National Merit designation – the other got a small scholarship, but the national merit was worth at least $50,000 more in scholarships at this school. All because of a couple points difference on one test in the fall of Junior year.
We ran this course last year to great success – seeing our numbers of national merit scholars jump about 40% from the year prior to this year!

This is a high-speed course developed specifically for Juniors (or overachieving Sophomores) who are already top students in Math and English and who want to improve their chances of becoming a National Merit Scholar finalist. This designation has in the past led to as many as 55 colleges offering these students a full ride (free tuition, room and board.) Since these students already have much of the base knowledge required for the test, this class will be focusing on how tackle some of the toughest questions, and teaching those extra few skills (like statistics that very few have had) that can move them from a great PSAT score to an amazing one.

Even if you don’t score high enough to get national merit, the material you’ll be studying is very similar to that of the high end questions from the ACT and SAT tests so you’ll be achieving two goals with one course. Some items that will be covered include: going over actual past test questions that have been tough for Minnetonka students, testing strategies, how to properly study on your own, confidence building, timed exercises, and what to do on the day before and the day of the PSAT to get in the zone. We record videos in case the student misses class – and they can watch it later at their leisure.

Classes ran on Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th, 2020  and Jan 6th, 2021.